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Vehicle Transport Services

Transporting your vehicles 
where they need to go is what we do.

No matter what type of personal vehicle, commercial truck, or heavy equipment you are looking to transport, you can rely on us to safely deliver your vehicle to its destination quickly and efficiently.

Local Transfers

As a drive away transfer/transport service, we can drive your DOT certified vehicle from point A to point B. Our local transfer services are available to customers looking to transport a vehicle to anywhere within the Lower Mainland. Each delivery is completed by one of our highly experienced team members who are committed to delivering your vehicle with the utmost care and attention to detail.


Cross-Border Transportation

We know how to navigate the border effectively and to ensure that all paperwork is completed correctly. As an essential service, we are able to cross the border without any restrictions, which means that you can trust that your vehicle will reach its destination when you need it to. Our cross-border transportation services include:

  • Permitting
  • Customs
  • All necessary paperwork
  • Safe transportation of commercial vehicles across the border

Long-Haul Vehicle Transfers

Whether you are wanting to have your vehicle transported across Canada or across the border into the United States, we can help. Our team members have over 30 years of commercial driving experience and are committed to providing you with the honest communication and safe and timely services you deserve. Our long-haul vehicle transfer services are available for commercial, industrial, and personal vehicles.


Commercial Fleet Transfers

commercial fleet transfers

Our highly trained and experienced drivers can transport multiple vehicles at once, allowing your commercial fleet to arrive at its destination in a much shorter period of time. Whether the vehicles in your fleet are all the same make and model or each are different, we will get them to where they need to be, even if it is across the border.

Industrial Vehicle Transfers

industrial vehicle transfers

Since industrial vehicles handle differently than conventional trucks and other vehicles, it is important to hire a driveaway service that not only understands this but is also experienced in handling all kinds of vehicles. Our team members are highly experienced in transporting all types of industrial vehicles on all kinds of roads. Our team is capable of transporting DOT certified industrial vehicles, such as:

  • Construction equipment
  • Cranes
  • Oversized loads

Personal Vehicle Moves

personal vehicle movesIf you are planning on moving to another province or across the border, we can help you transport your RV, trailer, or other large vehicles to your new home. We can even use our 20ft car hauler trailer to transport your personal vehicle to your destination. All of our vehicles are equipped with a GPS system, making it easy for us to track your vehicles at any time. You can trust us with your vehicle and be confident that it will arrive in the same condition it was in when you left it with us.

Your drive away truck transfer service to anywhere within North America.

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